Database of Comments on License Plates - this is a project designed for commenting license plates. In the comments to a license plate, you can also give a link to a YouTube video or post a photo. Our service can help to identify the worst offenders of traffic rules and can also help to collect information on wrong off-street parking. You can also publish funny and comic videos.

This site allows you to work with the database of license plates. You can specify the license plate and the state in which the vehicle is registered. The main objective of the project is to collect positive and negative statistics on license plates. Public statistics can be viewed without registering on the site. You can also register on our site and maintain your personal statistics, as well as you can mark your favorite license plates. All your comments will be gathered in your personal area. We will contact the most active users and provide them with various bonuses. Through this service you will be able to correspond with completely unfamiliar drivers. If you have got some help on the road, you can leave your positive feedback, and vice versa, if you have experienced any boorish behavior on the road, you can reflect this fact in writing or give a link to the video.

The main project goal is to collect all of the videos on offenders in a single place and to structure them. Since 99% of the cases of traffic violations or boorish behavior are virtually subject of no legal action and are fixed in no way, and if they are even posted on any video hostings, one knows nothing about them. Our site allows you to quickly find all the videos and photos by the vehicle’s license plate. Our moderators monitor the correctness of the comments and the database updating. In the event of disputes or conflict situations on any video or photo comments, you can contact the site technical support. Any suggestions on the site or problems with the registration can also be resolved by contacting our technical support.

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Video Comments Feed

AndrewC 08/08/2016
License Plate: 644RGO Connecticut

Nearly side-swipes me as he came across multiple lanes with no signal. Becomes pissed off that I honked my horn at him. Then speeds down the exit lane to cut me off and slam on his brakes, either trying to get me to stop or trying to get me to rearend him.
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Photo Comments Feed

Don 12/12/2016
License Plate: NFJ214 California

1965 FORD Ranchero, licence plate # NFJ 214 . My uncle had this car in High school and is currently trying to track it down. Unfortunately he doesn't know the vin#. Any info would be appreciated.
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David 10/20/2016
License Plate: 4841TP Florida

Very aggressive driver. Cut multiple people off. The real ironic part is the "In God We Trust" at the bottom of his plate.
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Madison 10/15/2016
License Plate: 843-ULB Alabama

This driver changed his lane several times without turning on his car's indicator. He cut my way when he was changing his lane. I had to hit the break in order to avoid hitting his car. It was awful. I was lucky the car behind me had enough space to stop.
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